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Immigration Pre-Settled and Settled Status

EU citizens and their family members are able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (Scheme) to continue living in the UK after 30th June 2021. If their applications are successful they would either be given settled or pre-settled status.

The Scheme fully opened on 30th March 2019 and EU citizens and their family members are required to apply under this Scheme by 30th June 2021.

EU citizens who, by 31st December 2020, have been continuously and lawfully living here for 5 years will be able to apply for settled status. EU citizens who arrive by 31st December 2020 that have not lived in the UK lawfully for 5 years when the UK leaves the EU will be able to apply for pre-settled status which would be valid for 5 years. After completing 5 years residence in the UK they can apply for settled status.

Family members of EU citizens who are living with, or join, EU citizens in the UK by 31st December 2020 will also be able to apply for settled status, usually after 5 years residence in the UK or if they have not been resident in the UK for 5 years they could apply for pre-settled status. Close family members (spouses, civil and unmarried partners, dependent children and grandchildren, and dependent parents and grandparents) will be able to join EU citizens after exit, where the relationship subsisted on 31st December 2020.

If EU citizens or their family members already have permanent residence there will be a simple process for them to exchange this for a settled status document free of charge.

Irish citizens or individuals who have indefinite leave to remain in the UK do not need to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme. However, their family members from outside either the UK or Ireland will still need to apply even if you do not need to.

If you are required and fail to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme it may have a bearing on your ability to reside, work, study, access medical treatment or public funds.

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immigration pre-settled and settled status