Immigration Indefinite leave to remain applications

After a period of time in the UK depending on the visas, you have held you may become eligible for indefinite leave to remain or “settlement” permitting you freedom from immigration control.

Thereafter, you can also become eligible for British citizenship. This frequently renders the holder a degree of relief knowing they may plan their futures without the burden of worrying so much about immigration control.

If you have indefinite leave to remain there is no longer any time limit on your ability to stay in the UK. Coupled with your main home remaining in the UK you would then be regarded as settled in the UK. You are free to work in the UK in any business, profession or employment. You would also be free to study in the UK. Generally, healthcare is freely available to an individual who is settled in the UK.

Indefinite leave to remain is however subject to a number of conditions and rarely a straightforward process in acquiring it. You will also need to provide documentation which may include:

  • Passports or travel documents;
  • Birth certificates;
  • Evidence of finances;
  • Evidence of continuous residence in the UK;
  • Your pass certificate for the Life in the UK Test; and
  • English language certificates.

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