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Immigration Human Rights

If you do not meet the requirements to be granted asylum or leave to remain in the UK under the Immigration Rules, you may still be able to apply for the right to stay in the UK if you need to stay here to protect your human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 [ECHR 1950]. A commonly citied right in immigration matters is the right to a family and private life which comes under Article 8 ECHR 1950, which was incorporated into UK law through the Human Rights Act 1998.

Exercise of human rights is not absolute and un-fettered, however, the Home Office decision-maker is obliged to place some weight on your human rights when considering an application. Human rights law, therefore, recognises that people have the right to a family and private life, but also recognises that the state has a legitimate expectation in exercising immigration control.

There are a few different situations in which you may wish to argue you have the right to remain in the UK because of your right to a family and private life. Your family life consists of relationships you have with members of your family. These can include relationships with your husband, wife, civil partner, long term partner or any children under 18 years old or any relatives who depend on you.

Your private life can include things like work or studies, your life with friends, neighbours and involvement within your local community if you are involved in any charitable activities or length of residence. It can also include any claims made on medical grounds.

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