Immigration Family Permits, EEA Registration and Residence Card Applications

Whilst the UK remains a member of the European Union and there is freedom of movement of goods, services, labour and people, family members may join their European family in the UK even where they are not themselves European nationals.

The European national should normally be in the UK “exercising Treaty rights” on the basis of short-term job-seeking or else employment, self-employment, studying or self-sufficient sources of income/savings and be covered with private comprehensive medical insurance for all the family.

The Home Office under family permit and resident card provisions as with other European provisions such as registration may be getting harsher in his or her assessment of these applications and similarly may be prone to making more mistakes.

We are confident of our abilities in taking such cases to appeal (if granted the right to appeal) and have the refusal overturned at a tribunal (court) hearing. Although this may take some time depending on the tribunal’s own timetable the outcome is all-important to our clients and their families.

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