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Immigration Appeals

When some applications are submitted to the Home Office and they are unfortunately refused, chances are you may have the right to appeal this decision.

You may be able to make an immigration appeal to the First-tier Tribunal if the Home Office has refused your protection claim, refused your human rights claim, made a decision under the European Economic Area Regulations, decided to revoke your protection status or decided to take away your British citizenship.

The Tribunal is independent of government; a judge will listen to both sides of the argument (for and against) before deciding. A written decision will normally take approximately a month but can take longer depending on the judge’s workload. Should the decision contain an error of law which is material then there is a possibility the decision could be challenged at the Upper Tribunal. Altogether an immigration appeal can take between six months and two years.

At Vestra Lawyers our experts can assess the various possibilities around appealing the decision that has been made on your matter, providing you with specialist advice on your individual case, and identifying the grounds of appeal and provide any further supporting evidence which may be required to successfully appeal the Home Office’s decision. We can carefully prepare your case to give you the best chance of a successful outcome in your immigration appeal.

Immigration appeals can be complex and time consuming we understand that having a refusal of an application especially where family members are concerned can be anxious and a difficult time. At Vestra Lawyers we have experience in thoroughly preparing appeals and advising you about what evidence you may require to ensure that you have the highest possible chance of success in winning the appeal.

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