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Immigration Visit Visas and Permitted Paid Engagements

Unless you either are a “non-visa national” or have diplomatic status, you will normally require a visit visa to enter the UK on a visit.

Those wishing to visit the UK typically tend to do so for a variety of reasons such as seeing friends and family relations, attending specific events including as participators and undertaking certain business activities. Visit visa applications, unfortunately, attract a relatively high refusal rate.

Sometimes a visa national may wish to visit the UK to engage in more than the minimal business activities that a visit visa can allow and so they can consider instructing us to prepare on their behalf an application under the permitted paid engagements provisions.

This typically can be used by models coming to the UK on a photo-shoot or cinematographers shooting a commercial or even a film.

We at Vestra Lawyers are experienced in helping people from around the world obtain visit visas for the UK including to see friends and family relations, partake in sporting events and music festivals and to engage in business activities.

A refusal under these provisions can be a stressful experience especially where a tight commercial/contractual deadline is involved and if so where a mistake has been made by the Entry Clearance Officer, we can have this challenged in a short timescale.

Sometimes, the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) will make a mistake in his or her assessment of a visit visa application and refuse it. We at Vestra Lawyers are equally adept at challenging visit visa refusals even where the notice at the bottom of the refusal letter itself specifies, “There is no right of appeal or administrative review”.

When a visit visa application is refused and it had been properly and thoroughly prepared by ourselves we have a good chance of success at overturning the same by way of a challenge lodged with the Entry Clearance Manager. This comes as an enormous relief to the applicant who otherwise may be faced with being refused indefinitely by an unfair or incompetent Entry Clearance Officer.

At Vestra Lawyers, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with these types of applications. Contact us today to speak to our specialist solicitors by calling 0121 728 5999 / 0203 929 5999 or alternatively you can email us at

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