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Immigration Deportation/Detentions cases

There are many reasons why you might have to leave the UK, such as if you have broken immigration rules, overstayed your permission to live in the UK, had an application to stay in the UK refused, broken the conditions of your visa or leave to remain, worked without permission or if you have committed other criminal offences. If this is the case you could face detention, removal or deportation from the UK.

Often it is the case that the Home Office will try to remove you from the UK if you have no valid basis to remain in the UK. Whereas with deportation the Home Office will deport if your presence in the UK is not deemed to be conducive to the public good as a result of your criminal behaviour or associations.

If you are facing removal or deportation you can be taken into detention at any time most likely this will happen when you are visiting a reporting centre, but it can happen anywhere and at any time. You will get at least 3 days’ notice before your removal takes place.

If you have been told you will be removed or deported, we may be able to help with specialist advice and information to help you challenge the decision to remove or deport you. We have vast experience in working in complex immigration removal, deportation and detention cases, We understand the stress and anxiety that immigration removal, deportation or detention can have not only on you but also on family members.

At Vestra Lawyers, we are aware that the action taken by the Home Office can be fast-paced and therefore we would need to correspond with the Home Office as soon as possible. If you are facing such a scenario, please contact us urgently so that we can discuss the matter further. Once instructed, we would treat your case as a priority given the often time pressures involved in these types of cases.

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