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Family Lawyers

Family law is not only a sensitive area of law but is also very complex. At Vestra Lawyers, we aim to break the law down, ensuring you understand the exact proceeding you are going through. Our team of dedicated family lawyers offer specialist law advice for those who are going through a divorce, child matters, property rights, domestic violence, joining family in the UK and civil partnerships.

What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer specialises in the broad spectrum of family law. Due to specialising in this area of the law, our family lawyers are able to provide sound legal advice on a range of family matters.

At Vestra Lawyers, we understand that at times relationships break down and due to this, issues can arise. Our role in circumstances such as these is to ensure there are no misunderstandings and make sure you fully understand your options.

Just like any case, family law cases need to be treated with extreme care. Our team of specialist family lawyers at Vestra Lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the best legal advice possible and in turn, guiding you to a resolution best for everyone involved.

What matters are considered as family law?

Family law covers a wide scope of matters and includes anything related to domestic relations and family matters. The area of family law includes:


The process of adoption can be complicated and frustrating. In many cases, the courts are involved which is why family lawyers are needed in order to streamline the process and explain all details.

Child Abduction

The abduction of a child is one of the most devastating events to experience. In such unfortunate times, individuals are not always in the correct mindset to deal with legal proceedings. A family law lawyer, therefore, explains the process and helps you understand the exact circumstances.

Child Custody

The breakdown of a relationship can be difficult enough and deciding who takes custody of a child can be even harder. A family lawyer can guide you through the court process and help explain matters such as where the child will live, who will care for them and how child arrangements will be split between the parents.

Child Protection

Safety of a child is vital and ensuring this is all set in place is an important step in safeguarding a child. Family law specialists can help you protect a child’s rights and help those involved reach an outcome which ensures the safety of the child.


Divorce and separation can at times be upsetting and hard to come to terms with. Our family lawyers understand the sensitivity of this circumstance and provide law advice in a caring manner.

Domestic Violence

If you have experienced any form of domestic violence it is vital to seek legal advice. Our family law specialists can advise you and therefore help keep not only yourself but your children and family safe.

Financial Settlements

Any domestic dispute can be complex especially when financial settlement needs to take place. Our team of dedicated family lawyers can help find a resolution which is the best for everyone.


It should be noted that at various stages of the family law process it may be suitable (and may be required) for parties to have participated in a mediation or at least have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting so as to assess mediation as a viable option. Vestra Lawyers would be in a position to advise alongside any mediation process that has been suitably engaged by our clients and the other side.

Parental Responsibility

The parental responsibility of a child concerns the responsibilities a parent has for their child. This can include their role in decisions in the child’s life, where they live and financial matters such as child maintenance.

Child Arrangements Orders

Child Arrangements Orders replace Residence Orders and Contact Orders. Deciding where a child will live after the breakdown of a relationship can be difficult. Our family lawyers can help guide parents to the best outcome for the child. Orders may also help regulate visits, calls, night stopovers and holidays with the absent parent. Coming to a mutual decision on this can be difficult, which is why our family lawyers are here to find the best outcome for both sides.

Do I need a family lawyer?

Due to the complexity of family law, it is always advised to have a family lawyer to ensure you are fully competent with the law involved with your case. When choosing your family lawyer it is important to ensure you look at all the required aspects needed for the profession. These include:

  • Analytical and reasoning skills
  • Client development skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Processing complex information and applying to disparate sets of facts
  • Understanding of procedural law
  • Understanding of substantive law
  • Use of research techniques and software

At Vestra Lawyers, we ensure all of our lawyers hold all these qualities so we can give you the highest quality of service possible.

Family Lawyers Birmingham

At Vestra Lawyers our team of highly qualified family lawyers provide family law advice for a range of matters. We are based in Edgbaston, Birmingham however we are not restricted to this area and therefore provide our knowledge and expertise to individuals across the U.K.

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