Civil Litigation Disputes

Litigation can be stressful and complex. It is important to deal with dispute matters quickly and effectively and whilst it can be daunting, help is at hand with Vestra Lawyers.

Civil Litigation Solicitors

Vestra Lawyers cover many areas and can help you with:

  • Bankruptcy;
  • Boundary Disputes;
  • Consumer Rights;
  • Contract Disputes;
  • Debt / Financial Problems;
  • Negligence;
  • Tenant and Landlord Dispute.

As experienced solicitors in Civil Litigation, we can offer to help with your matter whatever your involvement in the dispute Рfor example: a dispute between landlord and tenant, disagreements between neighbours, debts that may not have been paid, breach of contract, negligence or general business or property disputes.

The first step in your dispute resolution is for you to contact us either by visiting our offices or by contacting us by telephone, email or simply by completing the enquiry form online and we will contact you. We will fix a date for a consultation to understand the general issues of your problem and consider a course of action. We can talk through different options available to you and review what steps you could take.

If you have already received any documents from other parties in connection with your dispute then now is the time to pass this to us so that we can make further investigations, should they be necessary.

When we explore your case and decide on the way forward, we will always try to ensure that the outcome is right for you.

If court proceedings are involved, we can prepare pleadings, witness statements and any necessary paperwork on your behalf as well as initiate contact with barristers or expert witnesses. We work with a network of individuals and legal experts to ensure your matter is resolved appropriately.

It is also equally important that we consider Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures as sometimes this can help to resolve a dispute without the court having to be involved. We can prepare and draft suitable settlement agreements on your behalf to ensure the dispute is resolved without the matter needing to proceed to a full contested hearing.

Litigation is never a pleasant experience but we can assist you and provide you with legal advice suited to your case.

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